Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week 6

AREA: North Las Vegas (Deer Springs/Waterfall)
COMPANION: Elder Steward

Monday- Today we played volleyball again.  It was fun to email
everyone and hear from them.  After all the fun we had a Family home
evening with a less active family, it went really well.  We talked
about sincere prayer and it was awesome to see how much lesson seem to
help their family.

Tuesday- Today we had district meeting and we talked about knowledge
and it seemed to help me study more efficiently in the mornings.  The
lesson gave me more of a want to build my knowledge more about our
true gospel.  Later that day we taught a family we found last week,
their name is the McDonald family.  They have three kids and the dad
is a inactive member but the wife is not.  We taught them the
restoration and they all seemed very intrigued while we taught and had
a lot of questions.  It was a great lesson and we set up a return
appointment for next Tuesday because they are a very busy family and
Tuesday are the only day that works for them.

Wednesday-  Today we did a lot of finding with not much luck.  We also
had a lesson with Joe Downing (has been investigating for 3 years
now).  We read out of Alma 32 and it went well.  He was talking about
baptism and seemed interested to be baptized sometime soon.  Which
means maybe 3 months for him.

Thursday- Today at the gym I ran a 6.05 min mile and that's as fast as
the treadmill will let me so from now on I will try to continue to
build on the mile.  Today was weekly plan so it was long but pretty

Friday- Today we taught Cash (11 year old boy) the Ten Commandments
and it went pretty good.  He has a date to be baptized the 24th and
same with are other investigator Sara.  While we were street
contacting tonight there was a dirt biker doing a wheelie down the
street for a long time, so that was cool.  After that another cool
thing happened.  There was a Hummer H1 driving down the road and then
just drove off the road and started going up straight up hills and
going down.  They ended up stopping to talk to us and asked if we
wanted a ride.  My companion said no thanks when I was going to say
yes!  They were members so they were cool.  Unfortunately we didn't
find anyone to talk to for the 2 miles we walked.

Saturday- A lot of finding today, we had a quick lesson with a
semi-active family.  It went pretty good and they all came to church
the next day so that's good.

Sunday-  Today we had 5 hours of church and it was good.  Lunch/dinner
after church was like a family reunion it seemed like.  They invited
all there family to come over and that was good because we got a lot
of referrals from them.  Today was 9/11 and we went with a family to a
flag memorial for each death that happened for 9/11. So a lot of

I'm so happy for the opportunity to serve for two years in Las Vegas.
It's an awesome place with a lot of nice people.

I just want to share a scripture to express my gratitude to our Savior
Isaiah 53:4-6

Love you guys!

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