Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 11

AREA: North Las Vegas (Deer Springs/Waterfall)
COMPANION: Elder Steward

Monday-  Today was a pretty tiring P-day, tomorrow I hope to be more
alert tomorrow.  We were going to have a lesson with Mike and Maria
but they weren't home.  The rest of the evening was street contacting.

Tuesday-  Today we had district meeting and it was probably the
highlight of my day. We were on bike today and we biked 7 miles in the
afternoon to go to a lesson and they canceled 15mins before the
lesson.  It was above 90 degrees so that was kind of annoying we biked
all the way there for nothing lol.  Then we tried to go to our next to
lessons and they both fell through.  For dinner we ate at the
Crossman's again, the people with the goats we milked.  Then on the
way to our other ward boundaries to go try to see less active members
I got a flat on our bike so we walked it for about 2 miles to find a
member with a patch.  We ended up trading bikes with a member so I
could get home.  We ended up trading back a day later.  Rough day

Wednesday- Today we went to do service for Brother Stevens again but ended
up just having a conversation with him and his friend.  Talked about
how they were inactive and how we can change that but they weren't to
interested in changing.  So we ended up talk about politics and cop
stories they have.  Then later that day we had a lesson with Joe
Downing about enduring to the end.  It was good we set him with some
goals and how to keep progressing.  That's about all that happened
today worth mentioning.

Thursday-  Today we had weekly planning and I was leading but we
only got half way done since we had a lesson in the middle of it with
Sara and it was about following the prophet and keeping the
commandments.  She is still progressing and has a baptismal date set
for October 29th.  Also we later in the night had a scorpion and black
widow spider fight. It wasn't that exciting as it sounded but it was
cool. Video attached at the bottom.

Friday-  Today Elder Cornish was coming for a conference. He is in the
70 and he spoke in conference recently.  He is a very funny and good
man.  He had a lot of good words to say on how we should be in unity
with the ward.  Also how we as missionaries should be more organized
and more prepared for lessons and ward council meetings.  Then we
ended the day with tracting after dinner.  Good day!  I took a lot of

Saturday- Today was an interesting Saturday. We checked on Joe Downing
to see how he was doing.  Just checking on his goals and have a quick
spiritual thought.  He is reading his scriptures everyday and said he
is really trying to go slow so he can understand everything.  We also
went to see a less active family, the Perry's.  The reason why they
are not active is because there daughter is fighting with her mom
about going to church.  The daughter is 15 and claims she is
Egyptianist but she knows nothing about the religion she claims she is.
Elder Steward new a little bit about her religion so he started
talking about what she believes and she knows nothing.  Then we taught
them a quick lesson of good and evil then asked if we can teach the
daughter the missionary lessons and the mother got excited.  But then
the daughter totally broke her moms heart and says thanks but no.  It
was pretty sad.  Then we had a dinner afterward with and really loud
and obnoxious family.  sister Robb works at a place where you study
dead bodies and she talks about cutting legs off and eyes.  Let's just
say she talks about dead bodies like me talking about cars, it's
pretty weird.  They were super hard to talk to, the whole meal we
pretty much just listen to them talk.  It was an interesting day today

Sunday-  Today was good, nothing to interesting happened today.  We
had the primary program today in church.  It was pretty funny to
watch.  Dinner was interesting, we had dinner with a family with 3
teenage boys and they were all extremely quiet.  Then we had  a lesson
with Brother Brewster which was good.

Love this gospel and love you guys.

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