Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Week 9

AREA: North Las Vegas (Deer Springs/Waterfall)
COMPANION: Elder Steward

This week has been good. The highlight of my week was definitely
General Conference. My favorite talks were probably Peter F. Meurs and
Henry B Eyring and they talked about the Sabbath day and Sacrament.
Those talks I will be using in my family home evening lesson I have
today. I felt strongly prompted to share parts of their talks in the
lesson plan. Other than Conference I felt like this week was good. We
were able to teach 3 lessons  and 2 member present lessons. We have
three baptismal dates scheduled for this month and it's a blessing to
have people to teach and watching people change their ways for the
Lord. I will continue striving forward and remind myself everyday why
I am here. I love it out here, it's the happiest I've been in my life.

I have really enjoyed going through gospel library and watching the
Mormon messages. One that stood out the most was the Hope of Gods
Light.  I really like how he describes how happy he is with the gospel
in his life and the difference between having it vs. not having it.
Also it shows how miracles happen everyday.  I felt the spirit strong
watching the video, I invite all to watch it.

Love you guys and miss you all.

P-day dress code, not actually, my companion had an old shirt he ripped up and he gave the collar to me so I did this. 😂

new tie I got from a trade.

Long day on bike, we ran out of miles for the month for our car.

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