Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Week 12

AREA: North Las Vegas  (Deer Springs/Waterfall)
COMPANION: Elder Steward  

Monday-  Today was a normal P-day besides the fact we found a new
investigator named Nick.  We taught a lesson outside his door because
his house is crazy.  He is taking care of 8 dogs and they all bark
like crazy.  Other than that it was a normal P-day.

Tuesday- Today we had Zone training meeting  and it was about having
using members to help you do missionary work.  Invite members to help
teach lessons and we role played how to do so.  Both our lessons fell
through, one with Jen and one with Sara.  We finished visiting less
active members for a list of people we had.  None were to interested
in coming back.  One of them was blind and obese so his life sounds
pretty depressing.  He got some disease that spread and made a lot of
his not work which is what made him blind.  Today we found out the
rule changed for music so now we can listen to EFY and other spiritual
songs.  We used to only listen to MOTAB.

Wednesday-  Today did service for Brother Stevens and we tore out a
lot of big weeds.  Also we had a lesson with Nick and taught the plan
of Salvation.  But after the lesson we realized he is a single adult
so we will have to refer them to the YSA Ward missionaries.

Thursday-  Today we taught Joe Downing and taught about what come
after baptism and it was really interesting to him.  He has been
taught for 3 years by missionaries and he didn't know anything we were
talking about.  Callings, temple marriage/ baptism for the dead, and
service.  It was a good lesson to show what he can do after baptism.
Other than that it was an average day.

Friday-  We were on exchanges today and I was with Elder Flores.  We
met a lady today named Christine and she is very knowledgeable with
the Bible.  We taught her for about an hour and a half on her porch
and it was mostly of her talking.  Good day overall.  We also went to
a car show for 30 mins and talked to some people there about the
gospel/cars.  It was a fun day.

Saturday-  Today me and Elder Steward made a contract with the Lord
today to get a new family to teach and another investigator by the end
of the transfer.  On our part we will knock 10 doors a day and have
more meaningful and productive studies and work with members in our
teaching visits.  It really helped us through out the day to stay
positive. We had another lesson with Christine and we found out she is
sexist towards women.  She thinks women shouldn't be able to speak in
church because in the Bible somewhere in 1 Corinthians it talks about

Sunday-  Today we had a good lesson in church about gratitude and
about not complaining and I can see it is really important to do so.
For dinner a family gave us papa murphy's pizza and it was BBQ chicken
pizza and I thought they stopped making that but it was good.  Overall
good Sabbath day.

I know that having the spirit is the most important thing to have as a
missionary.  Without the spirit nothing goes how you want it too.
Being exactly obedient is so important and I have seen it my life as a
missionary.  Also complaining is a terrible thing to do as a
missionary.  I can see the difference in the day if we complain vs
not.  So I'm life don't complain and you'll be happier.

Also I found a scripture I really like I'd like to share.
2 Nephi 31:13

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