Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Week 24

AREA: North Las Vegas (Deer Springs/Waterfall)        
COMPANION: Elder Tukuwafu

My week has been pretty good.  We have still been struggling with
lessons so lot of finding.  We taught a guy named Lamar Rogers last
Monday and we planned on seeing him again Wednesday or Friday or both
but neither worked up out for him so we rescheduled for today but then
he had to reschedule again because he forgot it was MLK day.  Then our
investigator named Brendan Henry dropped us again because it's to hard
for him to keep the word of wisdom.  We have tried everything to help
him and he just doesn't have the desire so he gave up and decided not
to meet with us anymore but we will see if he texts us back for help.
Other than that there is not a whole lot to report, just lots of
knocking on doors and knocking on part member families and unbaptized

We do have Elder Bednar coming to the mission on Saturday so I'm
excited for that, we are preparing by reading some of his talks
President Walker has assigned us to read.  That's the night of my week
is just preparing for him to come.

Something I have been focusing on this week is my studies.  A member
asked us a question and it has changed my studies.  He asked us, "When
is the last revelation you have received in your studies?"  I had to
really think about it and realized I need to do a better job in my
studies so I can receive revelation every morning.  That is my goal
for every study is to receive answers to my questions or for my
investigators.  I know your scripture studies make a difference every
morning.  I know they help you each day of your life.  I know this
church is true and it has changed my life.  So grateful for it!

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