Thursday, February 16, 2017

Week 28

AREA: Lone Mountain   

My week has been pretty good.  One of my wards is doing a lot better
than the other.  One ward is mostly all gated which includes the
Sister Wives neighborhood from the tv show.  I saw the husband pull
into the neighborhood one day.  So the ward with all the gated
It's is hard but are other ward is pretty good,  we are still teaching
a family named the Edwards which is going well, still trying to help
them quit smoking.  And we taught a few others and we will see how
they turn out, they aren't the most solid but willing for us to come
over.  We also have had some great lessons with less active members
and helping some families with sons around mission age to give them
the desire to serve a mission.  Also the dinner we had this week was
really good, we went to a part member family and a little less active
and I really think we helped them with there testimonies.

Are P-days have been a lot more fun, we have no sisters in our zone so
we do some fun games like ultimate ball.  Exactly like ultimate
frisbee but with a soccer ball and the goal is to get it into a trash
can on either side of the gym.

Really fun week and something I have focused on this week is getting
the most out of my mission.  It's important to me to get my money's
worth so when I get home I will have no regrets.  I'm learning to work
hard and build my social skills.  I'm loving it out here and love the
message we share each day.  I want everyone to hear it and I'm
learning to talk to everyone we see and run into.  There is always
something to work on in life, don't just do the same thing everyday of
your life and call it good, build those skills you are trying to
work on and don't give up.

The district leaders were 5 minutes late to the meeting, so we took this picture cause it started at 10

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