Thursday, February 16, 2017

Week 26

AREA: Lone Mountain   

First off I got transferred today to the Lone Mountain Stake covering
the Lone Mountain and Cheyenne Ridge Ward.  I am with Elder How and he
is cool.  He joined the church at 18 and came out after a year of
college at BYU Provo.  He's been out about 16 months I believe.

My week was pretty good.  We found a family who has 2 unbaptized
children and we taught them the restoration and they want to be
baptized so that's cool.  That was the best thing that happened this

My area was a harder area but now I have anew area so it sounds like a
better area so that's good news.  I am also serving around new people
I came out with so that should be fun.

Sorry to be so short. But there isn't a ton to report.

I love my mission,  I loved my old area.  I was there for 6 months and
will miss a lot of people but glad for a change.

Love you guys so much and miss you! Hope all you guys are well.

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