Friday, April 28, 2017

Week 30

AREA: Lone Mountain   

Sorry I have a lesson in 45 mins with a part member family so it's
going to be a short one today.

This week has been awesome,  we were able to teach the Edwards again.
We taught them law of Chasity and made it fun for the kids to learn
about it.  I have a video of us at their house doing a memory game
skit but haven't received it yet so you will see it most likely next
week.  We followed up on their smoking addiction and they are clean,
they haven't smoked for about a week and a half now!  Awesome fun and
solid family who truly want to change their life around!  We also
received a referral from another set of missionaries and the
investigator already has a baptismal date so that's exciting!  Looking
forward to teaching him!  Had a great week, I hope I didn't forget
anything important to say!  Miss you guys!

Elder Smith

Went mountain biking for P-Day. Got a bit scratched up.

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