Friday, April 28, 2017

Week 38

AREA: Lone Mountain   
COMPANION: Elder Alison

This week has been kinda tough.  I was sick from Thursday to Monday,
I'm feeling a better now, I had a blessing today to make sure it
doesn't get any worse.  I had aching pain all over my body pretty
much, fever, and bad stuffy nose 24/7.  Something else that stressed
me out was that last night I lost my iPad and had no idea where it
was.  I thought it might be at a apartment office we were at but it
wasn't going to open till 9 the next morning.  So we went there this
morning and it was there in the crack of the couch.  I'm so blessed, I
prayed long and hard that it would be there and I can get it back with
no problems.  Fun stuff but things are looking up from here.

Something awesome that happened this week was we had a baptism for
Kenadie.  She is a 9 year old girl who was so ready to be baptized and
excited.  Even though I had a high fever the whole baptism I still
felt the spirit.

We have been able to continue helping Francisco work towards baptism.
He's doing great!  Hasn't missed a Sunday at church in the last 3

Transfers today! I'm staying and my new companion is Elder Michaelis.  He's been out
for 3 months.  So I will be polishing him.  He just got finished being

Things are good, miss you guys.

Had a awesome baptism for Kenadie. She was so excited! 

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  1. That is true. Good thing you have a good nurse and doctor. I miss you buddy. Keep up the good work.