Friday, April 28, 2017

Week 34

AREA: Lone Mountain   
COMPANION: Elder Alison

This week has been pretty good, today we went to Olive Garden and that
was good and we had enough to go there but then a member came up to us
and paid. 🙂 We were very thankful for that, very nice lady.  Then the
rest of P-day, we just hung around and played some pool at a apartment
office building.  We don't like going to the church anymore because
the zone is always doing zombies and mafia games in the gym and it's
pretty weird and not very fun.  Wish I could go mountain biking but my
companion hates to bike, oh well.

Besides p-day, our week has been good.  We have set a lot of
appointment  for next week, so it's looking good for next week.  We
set two people with baptismal dates, Faith Cooper (late 30's) and
Kenadie Boyer (9 year old).  Faith Cooper is really struggling with
mold in her house and has a brain problem where she needs surgery.
There is liquid building up in her brain and that needs to be fixed,
she also has a disease where she can't breath fully so she can't clean
her house very easily so we will help her on a Saturday.  Lots of
appointments were canceled and next week should be awesome because a
lot is filled with lessons on our schedule.

Sorry for late email, the wifi wasn't working at the church we were at.

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