Friday, April 28, 2017

Week 33

AREA: Lone Mountain   
COMPANION: Elder Alison

This week has been great, the highlight was definitely the Edwards
baptism!  I was able to baptize the little girl named Logan!  She's 8
years old and everything went great.  They were all confirmed on
Sunday and Harley Edwards (the husband) was ordained to a Priest!
I'm so proud of the Edwards family for doing all the things they did!
They followed the teachings of Christ and followed Him was baptized.
They also have a lot of friends in the ward already and everything is
doing good in their lives right now.  Ashley (the wife) hasn't had a
job for 6 or 7 months and has been looking forever and she got a job
the day before her baptism!  I truly know that was God is looking
after the Edwards family and blessed them to give her a job.

Other than the baptism and confirmation things were also good.  We
were having issues having the lessons we had scheduled fall through
but we were able to find 4 new potential investigators in our ward
that is struggling so that's good news. All the people we found was
through tracting and that's a first we ever had success tracting.  We
literally spent a total of 30 mins knocking on people's door in one
area and almost every door opened which is unheard of. We also got
into a ladies house who was very nice, she goes to a baptist church
and she is happy with her faith.  We helped her answer some questions
she had about are faith and opened her eyes that we had very similar
beliefs.  She had a problem with prophets though and added rules from
the the Ten Commandments.  We tracted into her and she invited us in
for cookies.  Very nice lady.

Good week overall, we continue to try our best to press forward and
not backward.  I challenge everyone to look at their day and ask how
you could have been better and you will slowly progress to be the
person you can be!  As a missionary are goal is always to be better
and be more Christlike.  I know as you take this challenge you will
see change on your life and you will be blessed even more than you are

Baptism. Dad, Harley. Mom, Ashley. Son, Preston (10). Daughter, Logan (8).

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