Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Week 43

AREA: Lone Mountain   
COMPANION: Elder Michaelis 

This week has been a little depressing due to to some news I heard
about Francisco on Tuesday. We were trying to contact him and he never
text back.  So then we stop by and Ruby was home and she told us she
had some news about Francisco, she said he was in jail and waiting to
get deported and that's all she knew and we left thinking how this
could happen?  Then we later find out he was at the immigration office
with his papers almost finished and while he was there they put him
into custody and was going back to Mexico on Friday.  What's weird is
is that he has been here since he was 12 and hasn't been back to
Mexico since.  He also has no family down there so it's a good thing
there will be a bishop he can call for some help.  I pray for him
everyday and hope that he is doing okay and he can come back legally
this time.  His wife said it should take 8 to 12 months just to see if
it's a possibility for him to come back.  Sad but I'm over it now, I'm
just staying positive.

Anyway, my week has been pretty good besides that.  We were able to
teach Francisco's daughter Ruby and she loves the gospel.  Ruby does
have a learning disability so it should be interesting if she will
understand what she reads out of the Book of Mormon.  We gave her the
Book of Mormon stories as well to compare so she won't be totally lost
what is happening.  After that lesson we set her with a date of June
24th to be baptized.

We have two other people we are teaching set with dates but both of
them didn't come to church and one is still smoking like crazy and
hasn't read much out of the Book of Mormon so we will probably drop
his date.  And the other one is set for July 1st and she really wants
to get baptized but she hasn't come to church for a long time but she
has been reading her scriptures and praying daily. Her name is Ariana
and she is also living with a less active member who has a kid
together and they're not married so that's the biggest concern.
Ariana said she will get married next month but we will see.

What I've learned this week is that God has a path for everyone and we
just have to stay on the path so we can receive all the blessings our
Heavenly Fathers has in store with us. So use this time on Earth to
prepare to return to him.

Next week is transfers so we will see what happens, I have been in
this area for 4 months now I'm probably staying but who knows?  There
are 20 missionaries coming in so maybe me or my companion is training.
We will see.

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