Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Week 51

AREA: North Las Vegas (Goldcrest & Samoan) 
COMPANION: Elder Woffinden


This week has been great!  We had lots of miracles in our area and in
the zone.  It's still weird to me that I'm a leader of almost 30
missionaries.  But it hasn't been to bad, I get to know what's
happening in the mission and help people with concerns or problems
they have.

Anyway my new area is awesome.  I cover the Goldcrest Ward (English
speaking) and the Samoan Ward!  I'm not speaking Samoan but I do cover
that Ward due to so little population of Samoan's in Las Vegas.  The
ward covers the whole valley so we cover the whole mission basically.
And the church building we meet at is out of our mission but have
permission to go there.  The funny thing is is that my sister, Amy,
and Taylor were at that Sacrament meeting for some reason but they
didn't say hi because of rules.  They did sit two rows behind me and
took a picture of me.  I had no idea they were there.  Crazy!

The Goldcrest Ward has a few ghetto areas but I'll be okay.  We find
lots of people to teach!  Lots of people out and about.

We are teaching a few people with a date.  There's an older lady we
are teaching named Shelly who is preparing to be baptized on August
12th but she is having health problem and is in the hospital.  We
visited her last night and had a lesson and gave her a blessing,
really cool visit, she is the sweetest lady.

We are also teaching a guy named Jason and he has a disability but
we've been working slow with him and brought him to a baptism that
someone had in our zone and he really liked it and said he can't wait
till he gets baptized!

Also working with a family named Michael and Mark Russum and they have
a date for late August!  They are doing great!

Overall awesome week!  Learned a lot about continuing to apply the
Gospel of Jesus Christ in all that we share.  Also recognizing the
Lords hand in your everyday lives!  Super important!  Don't rely on
your own knowledge, rely on the spirit!

Love you guys and miss you!

Seeing Elder How at a leadership meeting!

On the way to our Samoan Ward that we cover (which is out of
mission!) and it gets a bit ghetto and lots of homeless people all
over the streets living. Pretty sad.

My new Companion Elder Woffinden, he's great!  He goes home after
this transfer! Killing off another Elder!

My sister's pic of me in the Samoan ward!

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