Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Week 48

AREA: Lone Mountain   
COMPANION: Elder Michaelis 

This week was a lot better!  We were able to teach Ruby twice and a
new investigator named Logan.  Ruby is doing alright, we've been
teaching her a lot preparing her for baptism on the 15th.  She is
having a hard time with keeping information in and she needs to be
able to understand a few things before she is baptized and she forgets
everything or doesn't comprehend what we teach.  We will be making
flash cards to help her remember!  Other than that she is doing great
and coming to church every week!

Logan is a 11 year old who is a grandson of someone in our ward who is
staying here for the summer and he wants to be baptized so we set him
with August 5th.  He is a really cool kid and he's smart.  He will be
out of town for a little bit for the 4th so we will teach him when we
get back.

Our other two investigators are out of town as well till July 9th so
this week may be slower, mostly just teach Ruby this week and find.

Good week overall, and something I've been thinking about lately is
the importance of having faith as a missionary.  Without faith you
won't get anything done because God won't give you miracles if you
don't think they are ever going to come.  So it's important to have
faith in yourself and in the Lord in our everyday life.  Some ways we
can have faith is by praying for faith and staying positive and happy.

Love you guys and have a great 4th, we have some members that we are
going to to have a BBQ, should be fun then we have to be in by 6pm so
not sure what we will do?  Hope you have a great holiday!

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